Ceramic Bearings 627 For Roller Skates

Ceramic Bearings 627 For Roller Skates

Ceramic balls, especially silicon nitride balls, have low density, high hardness, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self-lubrication and good rigidity. They are especially suitable for rolling elements of inner and outer rings of high-speed, high-precision and long-life hybrid ceramic ball bearings. For metal). Generally, the inner and outer rings are made of bearing steel (GCr15) or stainless steel (AISI440C), and the ceramic balls can be made of ZrO2, Si3N4, or SiC.

Product Details

Product Name
   Deep Groove Ball Bearing  627
Chrome Steel;Bearing steel;GCr15;high-carbon steel;brass
Place of Origin
Low noise,low libration,long life
Number of Row
Single Row
Inside diameter
Outside Diameter
According to the buyer requests for packaging 
Skating board categories 608 627 miniature ceramic bearings rolamento ceramic

624 Ceramic Housing Wheel ceramic ball bearing

Model NO.dDHm
6233 mm10 mm4 mm0.001
6244 mm13 mm5 mm0.003
6255 mm16 mm5 mm0.005
6266 mm19 mm6 mm0.008
6277 mm22 mm7 mm0.011
6299 mm26 mm8 mm0.02
620010 mm30 mm9 mm0.031
620112 mm32 mm10 mm0.037
620215 mm35 mm11 mm0.043
620317 mm40 mm12 mm0.065
620420 mm47 mm14 mm0.106
620525 mm52 mm15 mm0.129
620630 mm62 mm16 mm0.195
620735 mm72 mm17 mm0.291
620840 mm80 mm18 mm0.372
620945 mm85 mm19 mm0.429
621050 mm90 mm20 mm0.466
621155 mm100 mm21 mm0.618
621260 mm110 mm22 mm0.791
621365 mm120 mm23 mm1
621470 mm125 mm24 mm1.09
621575 mm130 mm25 mm1.19
621680 mm140 mm26 mm1.46
621785 mm150 mm28 mm1.87
621890 mm160 mm30 mm2.21
621995 mm170 mm32 mm2.73
6220100 mm180 mm34 mm3.3
6221105 mm190 mm36 mm3.88
6222110 mm200 mm38 mm4.64
6224120 mm215 mm40 mm5.62
6226130 mm230 mm40 mm6.24
6228140 mm250 mm42 mm8.07
6230150 mm270 mm45 mm10.3
6232-M160 mm290 mm48 mm14.7
6234-M170 mm310 mm52 mm18.3
6236-M180 mm320 mm52 mm19
6238-M190 mm340 mm55 mm22.6
6240-M200 mm360 mm58 mm27
6244-M220 mm400 mm65 mm37.9
6248-M240 mm440 mm72 mm51.3
6252-M260 mm480 mm80 mm68.4
6256-M280 mm500 mm80 mm72.9
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