High Precision Original NSK Bearing 6005 2rs

High Precision Original NSK Bearing 6005 2rs

6005 bearing mainly used in circular sawing machine crimping machine slitting machine grinding machine milling machine hydraulic machine shearing machine centrifuge filter press sludge dewatering machine scraper suction machine dosing pump mixer screw air compressor piston air compressor Centrifugal air compressor slide vane air compressor vortex air compressor and other fields

Product Details

6005 2rs
Chrome Steel,stainless steel,Gcr15 Chrome Steel
OEM Service.Design Service
long life, high speed,Low Noise,Low friction,High temperature resistance
Miniature bearing suitable for precision instrument, low noise electromotor, automobile and motorcycle, etc. It is the the most widely used bearing type.

Konlon Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6310 6305-Z 6305 C4

Konlon Deep Groove Ball Bearing 6310 6305-Z 6305 C4

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