High Quality Deep Groove Ball Bearing 629

High Quality Deep Groove Ball Bearing 629

629 bearings are suitable for mold standard parts, die parts, screen printing, loading vehicles, presses, cold stamping equipment, mold materials, filters

Product Details

Deep Groove Ball
Chrome  sreel
P0 P6 P5 P4
Grease or oil
Open zz 2rs rz
Long life. High speed.  Low noise

Deep groove ball bearings Deep groove ball bearings are mainly used to withstand pure radial loads and can also withstand radial loads and axial loads. When it is only subjected to a pure radial load, the contact angle is zero. When deep groove ball bearings have large radial clearance, they have the performance of angular contact bearings and can withstand large axial loads.

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The deep groove ball bearing has a small friction coefficient and a high limit speed. Especially in high-speed running conditions with large axial loads, deep groove ball bearings are more advantageous.

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Stainless Steel 626 Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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After the deep groove ball bearing is mounted on the shaft, the axial displacement of the shaft or the casing can be restricted within the axial clearance of the bearing, so that the axial positioning can be performed in both directions.

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