NSK High Quality Bearing 6203z For Hot Sales

NSK High Quality Bearing 6203z For Hot Sales

6203 is suitable for paper machine, speed reducer, railway vehicle axle, rolling mill gear box seat, rolling mill, roller road, crusher, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various industrial speed reducers, vertical belt seat alignment Bearing.

Product Details

1. Grade: NSK 6203z

2. Certification: ISO9001;2008

Product Name
NSK 6203z
Chorme steel,Carbon stell
Cage material
Steel , Brass
Normally ready goods and stock within 7 days
Open, Oil seal,zz,2rs,rs,z,2rsh
1.Single box: plastic bag+single box
2.Single wooden box: plastic bag+single wooden box
3.Carton: Standard export carton.
4.Mark : WST-CHINA
Home appliances, low noise and high speed electric motors
30% T/T In Advance, 70% T/T Against Copy Of B/L
6200 seriesZZ SealedRubber SealedRubber SealedIDODBCrCorGrease SpeedOil 
62006200 ZZ6200 LLB6200 LLU103095.12.3820000260000.032
62016201 ZZ6201 LLB6201 LLU1232106.823.0519000240000.037
62026202 ZZ6202 LLB6202 LLU1535117.653.7218000220000.045
62036203 ZZ6203 LLB6203 LLU1740129.584.7816000200000.065
62046204 ZZ6204 LLB6204 LLU20471412.86.6514000180000.106
62056205 ZZ6205 LLB6205 LLU255215147.8513000150000.128
62066206 ZZ6206 LLB6206 LLU30621619.511.311000130000.199
62076207 ZZ6207 LLB6207 LLU35721725.715.49200110000.288
62086208 ZZ6208 LLB6208 LLU40801829.5188000100000.368
62096209 ZZ6209 LLB6209 LLU45851931.520.5700090000.416
6300 seriesZZ SealedRubber SealedRubber SealedIDODBCrCorGrease SpeedOil 
63006300 ZZ6300 LLB6300 LLU1035117.653.4818000240000.053
63016301 ZZ6301 LLB6301 LLU1237129.725.0817000220000.06
63026302 ZZ6302 LLB6302 LLU15421311.55.4216000200000.082
63036303 ZZ6303 LLB6303 LLU17471413.56.5815000180000.115
63046304 ZZ6304 LLB6304 LLU20521515.87.8813000160000.142
63056305 ZZ6305 LLB6305 LLU25621720.611.311000130000.232
63066306 ZZ6306 LLB6306 LLU30721926.7156600120000.346
63076307 ZZ6307 LLB6307 LLU35802133.419.38500100000.457
63086308 ZZ6308 LLB6308 LLU40902340.824700085000.639
63096309 ZZ6309 LLB6309 LLU451002552.831.8630075000.837
6000 seriesZZ SealedRubber SealedRubber SealedIDODBCrCorGrease SpeedOil 
60006000 ZZ6000 LLB6000 LLU102684.581.9822000300000.019
60016001 ZZ6001 LLB6001 LLU122885.12.3820000260000.022
60026002 ZZ6002 LLB6002 LLU153295.582.8519000240000.03
60036003 ZZ6003 LLB6003 LLU17351063.2517000210000.04
60046004 ZZ6004 LLB6004 LLU2042129.385.0216000190000.069
60056005 ZZ6005 LLB6005 LLU25471210.15.8515000180000.08

Deep groove ball bearing structure is simple, easy to reach compared with other types of manufacturing high precision, so easily into a series of mass production, and lower manufacturing costs, the use of very common.Deep groove ball bearings according to sizes can be divided into:

(1) Miniature bearings ---- nominal diameter size less than 26mm;

(2) Small bearings ---- nominal diameter size range of 28-55mm;

(3) Small to medium sized bearing ---- nominal diameter size range of 60-115mm;

(4) Large bearing ---- nominal diameter size range of 120-190mm;

(5) Large bearing ---- nominal diameter size range of 200-430mm.

Packing & Delivery

Characteristics of the bearing: a wide range of sizes and a great variety of constructions. It can be applied to precision equipment, low noise electrical motor, automobile, motorcycle, and general machineries. It is one of the most widely used bearings in the machinery industry. The cage of the bearing is generally made of pressed steel, but brass cage is also selected for big size bearings. the bearing mainly sustains radial load, the friction factor is small and suitable for high speed rotation. the bearing has a poor aligning ability, it requires a good concentricity between the installing position and the bearing. the series of bearing can also be produced with stainless steel AISI440C.

Our Certifications

Best stainless

Best stainless steel wing nut anchor bolt for construction fastener bags+cartons+pallets according to customer ' s requirement,Best stainless steel wing nut anchor bolt for construction fastener bags+cartons+pallets according to customer ' s requirement,

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After many years of operation, we have cooperative relations with customers all over the world.

We regularly attend exhibitions to promote our brand.

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