Skf 6204ZZ

The magnitude of the load is one of the fac tors that usually determines the size of the bearing to be used. Generally, roller bearings are able to support heavier loads than similar sized ball bearings and bear ings having a full complement of rolling elements can accommodate heavier loads than the corresponding caged bearings. Ball bearings are mostly used where loads are light or moderate.

Product Details

The bearing size to be used for an application is
initially selected on the basis of its load ratings in
relation to the applied loads and the requirements
regarding service life and reliability. Values for the
basic dynamic load rating C and the basic static load
rating C0 are quoted in the product tables. Both
static and dynamic bearing load conditions have to
be independently veriied. Static loads are not only
those that are applied with the bearing at rest or
at very low rotational speeds (n < 10 r / min), but
should include checking the static safety of heavy
shock loads (very short duration loads). Dynamic
loads should also be checked using a representative
spectrum of load conditions on the bearing. The
load spectrum should include any peak (heavy)
loads that may occur on rare occasions.

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